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We started with this thought; "How can we build a tool for our customers, which will help them create and manage a Promotional SMS Competition, with the least amount of effort on their part?".

We wanted to create something that was not only useful to our clients but also simple to use. Queue GroSMS; the easy to use SMS Competitions Manager.

We started by removing the clutter, we looked at the user journey, and tried to simplify that. We looked at the functions which were needed, and then built them to be as simple as possible. It is insanely difficult to make things simple, but we think we have succeeded.

We have many years of experience building online software for our clients... and we are pretty good at it. With GroSMS, we took all those years of experience, added a generous dollop of fun and created a really great product. Well, that is what we think... why not see for yourself?

So Who Is Behind GroSMS ?

GroSMS is an Afridesign Application.

Afridesign is a technology company that has built hundreds of online applications and has for many years been involved in mobile marketing. GroSMS is the culmination of years of experience; bringing you a SMS tool that is simple to use and that does the job extremely well. Along with GroSMS we have created a Bulk SMS Tool called Kwiksms that integrates seamlessly with GroSMS, allowing you to not only create SMS Competitions, but send out Bulk SMS' as well.

Companies That Have Used Our SMS Systems has been involved with a number of large to medium enterprises over the years and 1000's of end users. A number of them have used our SMS applications to facilitate their mobile marketing strategies.

  • 3M SMS Competitions Client
  • Yamaha SMS Competitions Client
  • Plascon SMS Competitions Client
  • Pampers SMS Competitions Client
  • Nedbank SMS Competitions Client
  • LG SMS Competitions Client
  • Coca-cola SMS Competitions Client
  • BP SMS Competitions Client
  • Bakers SMS Competitions Client
  • Africon SMS Competitions Client Bulk SMS Software Copyright © 2016

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Grosms is an Afridesign Application