Common Questions About GroSMS & SMS Competitions

How Many SMS Competitions Can I Create On GroSMS?

One word... "Unlimited".

Do I Pay Per Keyword On GroSMS ?

No, however, on the Basic GroSMS Package you are limited to 5 active keywords per SMS Competition at any given time. With a dedicated shortcode you can have unlimited Keywords.

Is GroSMS a TURNKEY Solution ?

No, we merely provide the software that allows you to create and manage SMS competitions. We don't handle the advertising of the competition and we don't choose winners. That is all up to you.

Available Price Band On GroSMS ?

R 1.00

Please note: Due to changes brought about by the Consumer Protection Act, Promotional SMS Competitions may only make use of the R1.00 or R1.50 price bands.

Should you require a different price band to the R1.00, you will need to apply for a dedicated shortcode.

If I Want a Reply SMS, Will I Be Charged ?

Yes, if you want your entrants to receive a reply SMS to your SMS Competition you will need to purchase a SMS bundle. Once your SMS credits are finished no reply SMS' will be sent and you will need to purchase more SMS Credits.

Can I Have Unique Replies For Each One Of My Keywords ?

Yes, each keyword may have a unique SMS reply message. You are able to set this in your SMS Competition admin area.

Is GroSMS a Cloud Based Application ?

GroSMS Requires NO Software Installation, the software is browser based. You can access the info on GroSMS from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. Upgrading of Software is FREE and ongoing, which means you will always have the latest technology at your fingertips.

Can I Look Around Before I Commit ?

Yes, you most certainly can. Registration is FREE and you only start paying once you create your first SMS Competition on GroSMS.

Which Countries Does GroSMS Support ?

At the moment you can only create SMS Competitions for South Africa.

What is WASPA ?

WASPA is the "Wireless Application Service Providers' Association". GroSMS adheres to the WASPA terms and conditions. Your SMS Competitions should follow the rules laid down by WASPA, and failure to do so may result in the immediate suspension of you SMS Competition and GroSMS account. Please ensure you understand the full implications of creating a SMS Competition. Bulk SMS Software Copyright © 2016

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