Kwiksms Value Added Bonus

We Have Included Kwiksms With GroSMS

As a value added bonus we have included Kwiksms with GroSMS. That means that as a GroSMS user you automatically get the full benefit of Kwiksms as soon as you sign up.

With every SMS Competition created within GroSMS, Kwiksms automatically creates a group for that SMS Competition. As people enter your SMS Competition they are automatically added to your contacts database. This means that contacting your SMS Competition entrants is only a click away. Send out individual SMS' or send an SMS to the entire SMS Competition group.

What is Kwiksms ?

Kwiksms is a simple Bulk SMS tool, that can send personalised SMS messages to individuals or to groups of 1000's. It is designed to be as simple and easy to use as possible.

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