GroSMS Shortcodes: Shared vs Dedicated

What Is a Shared Shortcode ?

A Shared Shortcode simply means that multiple users can make use of the same Shortcode number.

How is this possible?
Well, what makes your SMS Competition unique is your keyword list. So even though you are all advertising the same "Shortcode Number", if anyone sends a SMS to that number using one of your unique keywords, while your competition is running, that SMS entry will be allocated to your SMS Competition, and no-one else's.

What Is a Dedicated Shortcode ?

A Dedicated Shortcode number can be registered for your exclusive use on the GroSMS System.

Why would you want a Dedicated Shortcode instead of a Shared Shortcode?
With a Dedicated Shortcode you can have any keyword you like without worrying about someone else snapping it up. A Dedicated Shortcode can be particularly useful if you have 100's or even 1000's of unique keywords, i.e. Barcodes. You can also setup a "Catch all" SMS Competition, which means that you don't have to specify a unique keyword for people to use. Anything sent to your unique Shortcode will automatically be allocated to your SMS Competition.

There is however an additional monthly and setup cost for Dedicated Shortcode numbers. For more info on Dedicated Shortcode pricing please click here. Bulk SMS Software Copyright © 2016

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